New details about Google OS

The Austrian news site derStandard has publish an article which reveals some new details about Google OS (in German). The details are based on Chromium Builds and its public source code.

Here is an English translation:

Debian-based system – the browser in full screen mode – navigation in the headline

Beyond a very poor facts announcement, Google has not yet divulged all too much about its future netbook OS ChromeOS. Actually, Google wanted to reveal first details in the next few weeks. But the fact that a central part of the software is being developed fairly open, means that now the first concrete information has leaked.


Under the Chromium project, the base of the Google Chrome browser, added recently builds, in addition to normal Windows, Linux and Mac versions, also a separate version for ChromeOS. This can be downloaded from the servers of the project and brought up to current Linux systems to run.

Browser Central

It turns out quickly that Google Chrome seems to actually become the central planning – and exclusive – interface of the operating system. Accordingly, Chrome has a clock built into the title bar, including information such as battery level and the current network connection to display here.

Google OS Chromium Title Bar


Since some of the functions that are usually accessed via a menu bar are now duplicated in the title line of Chrome, it must be assumed that the browser operates in full-screen mode under ChromeOS. There is also a new compact-Nav-bar-mode by both URL line as well as navigation is also migrate into the browser’s frame.

Google OS Compact Navigation

Google OS Compact Navigation


Also new is a button on the left upper end of the title bar. It links to a login at Google Short, a service that is related to the Google Apps service, meant to gather clear links to websites. It can be assumed that Google will use this overview in ChromeOS as a kind of menu for the various online applications.


In the options there is also a new tab for System Preferences. It seems that in the future the user can set here network settings or change  or the sensitivity of the touchpad. The latest build also suggest that Google uses a Debian-based system as foundation because the packages are stored in the appropriate format.
Google OS System Settings

Google OS System Settings